Simon is an exceptional presenter who provides key positive mental health messages. People at all levels leant the importance of connection, resilience, stigma change, broaching conversations and many other mental health education strategies.


Brilliant messaging! Simon really cut through with his personal story and advice. It was our privilege to have him spend time with us (and) the response from our people has been significant.


Sometimes we meet people in our lives who are one of a kind. Simon is one of these people. He has an aura about him that is sincere and caring and his words shared are very wise. When he presented you could hear a pin drop.


Simon is a brilliant storyteller. He has an ability to connect to an audience and have you sitting on the edge of your seat. You may be shocked by his real-life stories, you may laugh, you may cry. I can't recommend Simon highly enough as an engaging and thought-provoking speaker.


That presentation was like therapy for the soul! Simon’s vulnerability and honestly, coupled with his strength and bravery was something that will stay with me forever. His message was a very important one, and he advocates in a very positive and uplifting way.



Renowned for his powerful keynote presentation PTSD Unmasked, Simon Gillard has spoken to thousands of Australians at conferences, events, sporting clubs, and professional development days around Australia.

Simon’s presentations (including his popular Bridging the Gap – Resilience, Rethinking Mental Health at Work and From Coping to Thriving in Crisis can be specifically tailored for your audience and delivered in-person or adapted for online delivery via your preferred platform with interactive opportunities.

As an expert panellist Simon Gillard also brings the authenticity of his lived experience backed by latest data and research to inform audience Q&A sessions and panel conversations around mental health issues.


Simon Gillard also facilitates engaging small group workshops. Tailored specifically for senior management, leadership and project teams, HR and Culture teams, and even local community groups and sports clubs.

Book Simon for a deep dive learning into how to help reduce stigma and better support employees, colleagues and members struggling with anxiety, stress, PTSD, and coping with other mental health issues including addiction, gambling, alcohol and drug dependency.