“OMG my husband just read your book!!!!! Was a freaking amazing help to him to actually realise he wasn’t alone. I think realistically it’s probably saved his life.”

“Thank you for writing such an informative book, wish more people would read it, if not as a ‘help tool’ but to experience through words what our wonderful police force have to endure.”

“Once I started, I couldn’t put it down… I wanted to say how much I loved the book, and I now feel I have so much more insight into PTSD - I know your book will make a difference to a lot of people.”

“Your book has given me even more of an insight (and) I will ensure many of my colleagues read this and will keep keeping on being a listening ear (for them).”

“Read this book within a couple of days. Very REAL, very informative and very interesting and gives people a TRUE understanding of Policing and the after affects. Highly recommend it.”

“I absolutely loved this book. It was so well-written and informative. It is a very sad reality the things our Police officers see, and the way in which they, their close family and friends suffer.”

“Thank you so much for sharing such a personal journey… I think it's very important. I have worked in Forensics in Sydney and (at) times the most traumatic thing about a case would be reading the police report and I often thought about the officers attending these scenes. I'm sorry for the things you have endured and witnessed in order to help our community and deliver justice.”

“I began reading your story this afternoon and have just finished reading it....in tears! My partner served in the QLD police force for 13 years before being discharged as medically unfit from a nervous breakdown and passing away at the age of 55 from a massive heart attack. Not a day goes by when I don't think about him and after reading your story, I feel the final pieces of his puzzle are now complete. Thank you and what an inspiration you are to your children and to all those with PTSD and their families… May they all read your story and become survivors too!”

“(As) an RN with a background in ED and Intensive Care I know what emergency services workers are exposed to and it would be amazing if they DON’T have PTSD. Thanks so much for sharing your story so transparently & courageously; I know it will be a factor in strongly advocating for change and will tangibly help others who are struggling. PS: I drove over the bridge at Northbridge recently and the guards are there, at your instigation via the Coroner, to prevent more suicides.”